It’s the small things, and the 3 piece

I get attached to things. Like really attached. Here’s an example. The sofa is going today. I’ve had this sofa over ten years.

This is the same sofa I’ve sat on day in and day out for a decade. I shared this sofa with my son when he was still small enough to want to sit right by me and have my arms around him. We watched films together, we talked about how he was feeling when he was being bullied in Primary school and agreed how to deal with it.

As a baby, my daughter slept next to me on the sofa while I watched TV. The kids fought on that sofa.

I was a single parent of a baby and an 8 year old. My relationship had just broken down and I was starting all over again. Thankfully I’d found somewhere for us to rent and it was part furnished. We didn’t have a lot but we had something to sit on.

That sofa wasn’t just a peice of furniture it was our new start. It was somewhere I shared precious time with my children, problems were shared and solved, secrets were revealed and I had one of my last cuddles with big dog on that couch. It’s a small thing and a big thing at the same time. I attach importance and feelings to inanimate objects. I believe that everything has an energy and a memory. That might sound airy fairy but I like to think that sofa knows what an important role it played in our family. When you have nothing, two small kids and no money things like having a sofa hold huge importance.

Today we’ve been gifted a new sofa. Not new from the shop but new for us. Our old sofa with its broken arms and cushions that have given way, will go to the tip. It’s at least twenty years old. Hopefully the new sofa will no longer mean drawing the short straw to see who has to put their hand down the hole to retrieve the remote control or fight over who has to sit on the collapsed end.

Yes. This is a blog post about a sofa but it’s also a blog post about being grateful for the small things and realising how much joy and love you have in your life. Saying goodbye (literally, I will cry too) to the sofa today has made me think about how far my family has come, together, how happy we are and how much love we have for each other.

Thank you sofa.

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  1. An endearing blog about a sofa, just goes to show that material things are sometimes not just material things, they hold lots of memories and love xx

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