I have a cunning plan

I have worked since I was eleven years old.  I had a paper-round delivering the local free newspaper and got paid 2p per paper.  Then I worked in my local Spar, five nights a week from 5pm until 11pm.  At seventeen I got a job behind the bar in my local pub and at University I worked for my Dad in the off licence during the holidays or behind the bar in the Student Union during term time.  In the thirty years since my first job I have only been out of employment for eighteen months and this was when I had my first son.

In all those years I have juggled and struggled.  I’ve had to juggle working to pay the bills to keep a roof over mine and the kids heads, childcare and studying.  At one point I was studying, working and training for a marathon.  I’m forty years old now and I don’t want to juggle anymore.  I’ve had my third (and final) baby and I want to do less.  I don’t want to work less, and I certainly don’t want to earn less, but I want to do less for more.  I want to commute less, and I want more time.  I want to enjoy my work more and dread going to work less.  I want to achieve more but I want to feel less tired.  I’m trapped in a commute-work-domestic duties-sleep cycle and in the words of Freddie Mercury “I want to break free!”.

Last week I wrote a blog.  Not for me but for someone else and about a subject I actually knew very little about.  I researched and wrote it and they liked it! Then they asked me to write another one and they even paid me for it!  I enjoyed it!  I loved it!  I was creative, and I produced something in my own home, wearing my pyjamas, that generated an income for me and my family. It’s made me want more.  What if I didn’t have to juggle?  What if I could wear my pyjamas and be creative all day? What if I could work from home crafting words and ideas into something that I could sell to people who needed it, people who couldn’t create those words for themselves.  People who have a message or a service or product but don’t have the time, the words of the confidence to put that message out there.

Pyjamas aren’t an essential part of this plan that’s forming in my head but they are definitely in the vision board. Watch this space…..

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  1. Keep on writing. It’s fun, insightful, interesting, inspiring, imaginative n it will hopefully one day help u to earn loads of money! Xxx

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