On my morning commute sat at lights, this morning I saw a murmuration. For anyone who doesn’t know what a murmuration is it’s when a flock of birds fly together and form aerial shapes and it can be really amazing to watch. Usually when I see things I just see them and enjoy them for what they are without thinking anymore about it.

This morning was different. I watched a murmuration and I suddenly wondered how they do it. How do they all know when to change direction? How do the birds know which direction to go in next? It all happens so quickly and then I wondered “why have I never thought about this before?” The amount of times I’ve watched a murmuration and thought how beautiful it is, why have I never wondered before about how and why it happens and I realised it’s because my brain is too full of day-to-day stress of rubbish of Facebook, of Instagram, of work and just really trivial stuff. Days pass and my head is full of unimportant rubbish and I’ve stopped asking questions and being curious because I’m in a constant state of brain fog. There was a time I was interested in the why and the how and asked questions. I used to be really curious.

I googled murmurations and why they happen and although I didn’t completely understand the science and the physics of it the bit I did grasp is that each bird in the flock affects the birds closest to it and those birds affect the birds around them. That’s what we do as humans, we have the power to affect those closest to us and if we use that power positively we can create beautiful shapes.

I’m going to go back to being curious because these are the things that are important. Being aware of what’s happening around us, taking a minute, asking questions and noticing things. Noticing the things that are happening around us and the people around us and not living our lives in a meaningless blur.

One thought on “Mumurwhat

  1. Time to stop n stare. X
    I’ve just bn staring at the fallen branches n decaying leaves on the green at the bottom of our street, trying to help the council workers find needles n drug paraphernalia left there recently. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but we collected quite a bit…but not the needle! Hopefully a child won’t land on it.

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