In 40 years I’ve not learned a lot

As part of my birthday celebrations I was going to do a blog post “40 things I learned before I was 40”. As things have been popping into my head I’ve been adding them to my list.

I thought this was going to be easy but I’ve struggled to find life lessons and useful wise nuggets to impart. So far I’ve got 6 things on my list so if its personal growth you’re looking for I am not your woman. 40 lessons! My ego was writing cheques my brain couldn’t cash.

I will share two of my philosophical ponderings with you, arguably the most important two;

1. You can sweat from the back of your knees. I discovered this only recently. It is by the far the grimmest place to sweat from after the under boob and the groin area. Also under the flap left over from a C Section scar, that’s gross. The back of the knees is the 4th rankest place to sweat from in terms of feeling like you need to shower urgently.

2. You won’t always like your kids. I felt like a terrible parent the first time I thought I hated my kid. Then I realised it was normal. I love all three of my children unconditionally. I would do anything for them and I would definitely fight bears for them. Sometimes though, what a bunch of twats.

If I can think of anything else worth sharing I will update you.

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