Life’s too short for hoovering

The jobs in my house that currently need doing include;

•Hoovering up the dogs hair that has been left for so long it’s evolved from dust bunny to tumbleweed. We used to have laminate flooring now it looks like we’ve got a carpet.

•Sorting out the front room. This room was used to pile stuff in as a kind of temporary holding area when we first moved in. Twelve months ago. It’s now the shoe room, pram room, car seat cupboard, office and the room we eat in on a Sunday after we’ve fought over who’s job it it to clear all the shit off the table. We need to sort this room once and for all but it feels like a job of Titanic proportions and we can still shut the door so maybe we’ll leave that for now.

•I started emptying the small bookcase in the living room to take it to the tip. The shelves are all bowed and I can’t open the bottom drawer so it’s no good to anyone. I cleared all the books off it and it was ready to go but I didn’t get around to it and now it’s taken on a new life as a surface that has accumulated it’s own micro climate of junk. I think it’s trying to demonstrate that it still has use. There’s a parcel that lives on it that I promised to post to someone back in April. It’s grown a pile of paperwork that I don’t need but can’t risk chucking out. It is also where the wax melt burner lives and that needs to stay in the living room to duel the dog stink.

I’d love to have the energy or the will to do this shite, but I don’t. Life is too short for housework. The kids are fed, they’ve got clean clothes and no-one will pick up dissentry from the bathroom. When I get free time from work, my commute, washing the clothes, feeding us and the kids, walking the dogs, cleaning up dog shit and baby shit I haven’t got the head or the motivation for anything else. In the precious little time I’ve got left over after all that I’d rather go for a walk or a run, read a book or play a game. I’d rather spend time with my kids, my husband and my mates.

So if you come to my house, it’s not a carpet it’s dog hair and yes we’re all covered in it. You’ll leave covered in it. Deal with it cos I’ve got better things to do.

3 thoughts on “Life’s too short for hoovering

  1. Hahaha! I can relate to how you feel and honestly, it’s your house, you’re the only one who has to live in it and if you’re not bothered by like dog hairs then why would you waste a few hrs every week to hover it all up?

    1. Exactly. There’s more to live than vacuuming that you’ll only have to do again next week anyway!!

  2. I think anyone who actually has a life feels the same way. I’m suspicious of people with immaculate houses who also have children/pets/a job/hobbies. I bet half of them have got a secret cleaning lady (or man, lets not be sexist here) to help them maintain the illusion. My attitude is “if you don’t like how we live, don’t visit”.

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